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3 Tips to Stay Healthy Over Thanksgiving

The holidays are almost here... and with it come fun, family and plenty of feasts. The secret to indulging without overdoing it? Check out some science-backed strategies... 

Thanksgiving is just six days away, and before you know it we’ll be piling our plates with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and more.

But before you head back to the buffet for seconds, you might want to think about some ways to avoid undoing all the hard work you do to stay healthy each day.

• Skip the post-Turkey nap
Sure, it feels good to lie down after filling up on a holiday meal. But even though turkey is notorious for bringing on the zzzzs — it contains tryptophan, a naturally-occurring amino acid that is often argued to increase drowsiness as are carb-rich casseroles, potatoes and pumpkin pies, resist the urge to sleep. Snoozing after a large meal can lead to weight gain and increase your risk of stroke and, according to a study from The American Journal of Gastroenterology , heartburn and acid reflux. 

• Watch your portions
To stay satiated but still alert, keep portions small (you can always go back for more!) and eat slowly to allow your brain to recognize if you’re full. Then wait a few hours before you give in to your feast-induced nap. Your body won’t feel bogged down come Black Friday, letting you clip in and dance it out with plenty of strength throughout your holiday season!

• Break a sweat
There's no better way to stay motivated during the holidays than by sticking to your workout routine. And — if you really want to turn it up this Thanksgiving weekend — don't miss our 90-minute Turkey Burn rides. Learn more about these long weekend cardio parties HERE and we'll tap it back before or after (or both) your holiday feast.

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