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Rider Report: Ariel Kaye

t's time to talk about Parachute Home. From their coveted, incredibly plush bathrobes to their never-leaving-the-bed linen sheets, we’re obsessed. They understand that a comfortable home is a happy homeowner, and it’d be an understatement to say we’re big fans.

We sat down with Ariel Kaye, Parachute’s founder and chief executive to talk about everything from her favorite post-Soul snack to how many pillows she keeps on her bed. Spoiler alert: more is more when it comes to your bedding.

Tell us about your first ride.

Friends had been telling me to try SoulCycle for a long time, but I was super intimidated! Finally, in early 2012, I decided it was time to take my first ride. I immediately felt welcomed and excited to work out. The fear was all in my head!

What’s one of your favorite songs to ride to?

Beyonce – Upgrade U

Tap back or push up?


Rooster or Owl?

100% Rooster. Physical activity fuels me more than all the coffee in the world. It gets my creativity flowing.

What hairstyle do you rock while riding?

Generally I rock a bun – anything that keeps the hair off my face.

What’s your favorite post-ride snack?

Goodness Greens from Moon Juice – it’s refreshing and fills me up.

Favorite bike in the studio?

I gravitate to the second row and I like to be on the end.

I knew I loved SOUL when…

I found myself craving more rides. I love that SoulCycle allows me to truly disconnect and blow off steam. I always leave class in a better mood.

My happy place is…

The beach! I’m constantly inspired by the natural beauty of the sand and the ocean.

First thing you did this morning?

I made my bed. It’s proven to make you happier and gives a sense of accomplishment, too.

One thing you can’t live without?

My dog, Lox.

What’s on your bedside table?

A carafe of water, a catch-all tray for small, personal belongings and a candle to make the room smell great.

How many pillows are on your bed?

Six pillows total: two euros, two pillows and two shams. An assortment of pillows makes for an inviting bed in my opinion!

Made bed or a slept-in bed?

Made bed! Getting between the sheets at night is a special ritual at the end of the day.

Most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

I once hitchhiked while traveling in Europe. It was thrilling and scary at the same time.

What’s your favorite Parachute product?

The Classic Bathrobe! I like to take a warm shower at night to wash away the stresses of the day before putting on my robe. This nightly routine tells my body that it’s time to relax and prepare for quality sleep.

What makes the bed the most comfortable?

Quilts! These blankets easily transition from season to season. In the warmer months, I store my duvet cover and use my quilt instead. Our quilts are cozy and soft with a lived-in feel.

When it comes to bedding, less is more or more is more?

More is more!

Best kept home decorating secret?

I like to pick one color palette and apply it to the entire home. No longer do you need to decorate room by room.

Upcoming project you’re most excited about?

I’m most excited to bring a physical and experiential version of Parachute to our customers in more cities through additional retail spaces. We want to be where all of our customers are!

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