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We Asked Instructors Where They’ve Shazam’d Music — And Things Got Interesting

e’ve done it in the back of a cab. We’ve even done it while grocery shopping. Using Shazam, the song-identification app, to capture new songs to add to your music library is a way of life.

Curating the perfect playlist is the backbone to any SOUL class and instructors spend hours creating the appropriate musical journey – and Shazam is just one of the many tools our favorite instructors use to discover new tracks.

We asked five instructors to share the crazy places they’ve Shazam’d songs, and well, they didn’t disappoint!


"I once stopped my boyfriend mid-sentence during a cooking class. I plopped the raw chicken I was seasoning on the cooking board and used my knuckles (to avoid getting chicken juice on my phone) to finagle my way to Shazam."

The track: "Retrograde" by James Blake


“Using the restroom at the gym. AWKWARD!”

The track: Can't remember!


“I was in a Vietnamese restaurant eating lunch and this unreal reggae song came on — not what you think you’d hear at a Vietnamese restaurant. I immediately whipped out my Shazam and now the song is one of my favorite openers."

The track: “Come Around” by Collie Buddz


“I was at a dive bar in Healdsburg, California. Specifically it was on the toilet in a bathroom of the dive bar. Trying to hold my phone up closer to the sound of the song while going to the restroom is very difficult!”

The track: “Baby I Love Your Way” by Big Mountain


"I Shazam'd a song in the middle of a very crowded bar/club called Industry because I have no self respect... that's more about being at Industry, not Shazam-ing in public."

The track: “Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)” by Blu Cantrell

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Article by Bari Lieberman
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