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Rider Report: Derek Blasberg

efore the latest episode of "CNN Style" airs this Saturday, host DEREK BLASBERG talked to us about his first class, post-ride etiquette and more…

Tell us about your first ride.

Laurie Cole. Summer of 2009. Bridgehampton. I was so scared she was going to yell at me, which is ironic because now I kind of like it when she yells at me.

How did you find SoulCycle?

Katie Lee brought me to my first class and I thought everyone was in a cult.

Coffee or matcha?

Neither. English breakfast tea with steamed almond milk.

Favorite song to ride to?

At the moment, it’s ”Fade" by Kanye West.

Tap back or push up?

Push up and clap, obviously.

Climb or sprint?

Climbing, preferably with a lot of moody bass.

Rooster or owl?

English rose? I prefer tea-time rides in the afternoon.

When in NYC, uptown or downtown?


Favorite bike in the studio?

I'm an exercising narcissist, which means I like to see myself in a mirror. To check my form. No, really.

1-pound, 2-pound, 3-pound or 5-pound weights?

Fives. And when I'm really feeling myself I'll add a couple of extra pounds to it.

Favorite post-ride snack?

When I ride in TriBeCa, I go to Whole Foods and cancel out everything I just did in the studio at the dessert buffet.

If you could ride next to anyone, who would it be?

Coleman Feltes, who I used to see out in da clubs and now I see in 8:30 AM classes, still showing off the same moves.

LA or NY?

I'm bi.

Instagram or Snapchat?

Both. My entire life has become a desperate bid to stay digitally relevant.

Post-ride etiquette tip?

Don't kiss; just nod.

Catch CNN STYLE on Saturday, 9/10 on CNN. To learn more about Derek, visit

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